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 - could you please grant us a little discount? Potrebbe farci un piccolo sconto?

 - how does that sound? Come le sembra?

-  I was wondering if you cuold arrangi for insurance. Io mi stavo chiedendo se potesse sistemare con l’assicurazione.-  would it be possible for you to deliver the goods by the end of next week? Sarebbe possibile consegnare la merce alla fine della prossima settimana?-  I’m sorry to say it’s really not possibile. We are very busy at the moment. Mi scuso ma nn è possibile, noi siamo veramente impegnati in questo momento. - Please arrange for immediate shipment and inform us when the goods will reach us. Per favore sistemi x la spedizione immediata e ci informi di quando arriveranno le merci. - we must ask you to execute the order immediately, otherwise we will be forced to cancel it and turn to another supplier. Noi dobbiamo vi chiediamo di eseguire immediatamente l'ordine, altrimenti noi saremo costretti ad annullarlo e rivolgerci ad un altro fornitore. - we regret to inform you that we have not received the goods which were due to arrive 10 days ago. Noi la informiamo che non abbiamo ricevuto i beni che dovevano arrivare 10 giorni fa. - I’m sorry but we aren’t in a position to grant you a 30% discount. Io sono spiacente ma noi non siamo in una posizione per accordarLa un 30% sconto.

- I’m a fraid we won’t  be able to deliver the goods next week. Noi non saremo capaci consegnare i beni la settimana prossima.

Modifiche dell’ordine commerciale inviato:

- unfortunately we no longer  manufactureb the product in the color you require, sfortunat nn produciamo + il prodotto dal colore richiesto.

- we are sorry to inform you that the goods you ordered are no longer in production, ci scusiamo di informale che i beni ordinati nn sono + in produzione.

- we feel confident that we will be able to supply you as promptly as usual, siamo certi che saremo capaci di fornirvi come sempre.

- we hope you will understead the circumstances that have forced us to change our delivery date you specified in your order, noi speriamo che voi capiate le circostanze che ci hanno costretto a cambiare la data di consegna.

- we regret having to inform you that it will be impossible for us to meet the delivery date you specified in your order, ci dispaice informarvi che sarà impossibile x noi rispettare la data di consegna.





Dear … our order …

Thank you for your quotation of 25 january. Since your sales terms meet with our requirements, we are enclosing our order … for 150 watches.

We remind you than delivery must take place no later than mid-febrary in time for our spring promotions. As regards insurance and transport, we would rather organise it ourselves and we therefore ask you to change your quotation to ex work.

We look forward receiving your confirmation.

Your sincerely

Modification of order of the seller:

we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. We hope that the alternative proposal we have made will meet with your approval and we await for further instructions.

We regret to have to inform you that it will be impossible for us to meet the delivery date which you specify.

If you are willing to accept the goods with a two week delay, we are prepared to grant you a 10% discount instead of the 7% discount we initially quoted.

This is due to an unprecedented demand for this article which has exceeded our expectations. However, we expect the situation to be resolved in the very near future. This will allow use to supply all our customers by the end of march at the very latest.

Many thanks for your order of 18 febrary for a consignment of 500 watches.

Letter of complaint:

six week ago placed the above order with you for a consignment of 180 watches.

The goods were due arrive on 10 febrary. However, so far we have not received the shipment and have not heard from you.

Please inform us immediately of the expected date of delivery. We would like to stress that if we do not receive the goods by 21 march, we may have to look for an alternative supplier.

We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.

Reply to complaint:

we are very sorry for the delay in shipping your order.

We always do our utmost to keep to our delivery dates. However, in this particular case we received the goods from our suppliers in Britain only week.

I am pleased to inform you that we are now in the process of dispatching your goods which should reach your warehouse by 21 march at the latest.

We apologise again for any inconvenience caused by this delay. We can assure that your future order will receive our most careful attention.


is an agreement between two part:

the franchiser: an exisitingm usually well know company with an established market fot its product.

The franchisee: a person or a group of people who buy the right to use the business name of the franchiser and make or sell its product in a particular location.


the balance is in deficit if it ahows that a country spends more on imported goods than it receives for the goods it export. When the money generated by exports is higher than the money spend on imported, the balance of payment is in surplus.


the free circulation of the goods, person, services and capital.

Spot checks carried out for drugs and illegal immigrants, but routine internal border checks have disappeared.


the world is becoming one large market rather than a series of separate national markets. we can find the same products and services in many countries all over the world. consumers can more easily e price, qualities of the goods and services sold in many countries. consumers have enjoyed advantages from globalisation. they can choose from a wider range of products and buy them at lower prices. businesses have been forced to become more efficient in order to cope with increased competition.


produce goods or services in more than one countries. Many products are now produced in south east asia because wages are lower than in europe. they can locate production more efficiently: producing goods near to the market where they are sold reduces transport costs. They can spread risks. They can avoid barriers set up by countries. ADV TO THE HOST: lower unemployment, more funds, higher production output, fewer import, more export. DIS: use of materials, profit are not kept in the country, only unskilled jobs created, influence governement and economy, competition in danger


exw: ex work, franco fabbrica

Fca: free carrier, franco vettore

Fob: free on board, franco a bordo

Cfr: cost e freight, costo e nolo

Cif: cost, insurance e freight

Cpt: carriage paid to…trasporto ato fino a

Cip: carriage e insurance paid to…

Ddu: deivered duty unpaid, reso non sdoganato

Ddp: deliver duty paid..reso sdoganato


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