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Antisemitism was un unfair treatment of jewish people. In the past, Christian people accused jewish people of the kill of jesus Christe (deicide). The church has not inspired the anti-semitism racism but the racism has developed only in Christian countries supported in some way by the religious condemnation for two thousand years.

After roman occupation of Palestine, jewish people rebelled. So, imperials autorities has been hostiles to them and to jewish community of the diaspora (community in all countries).

For this behaviour, jesus was killed. He was considered an jew. His followers were considered an jewish community. Christian people wanted to underline the separation between Hebraic and Christian religious. The main accuse against Jewish is the kill of jesus Christ like we can read in matteo gospel 1-2 22-26). For the guilt of the deicide jewish has been emarginated. The violent oppression of the jewish from roman people was interpreted as a God punishment, like wrote Origene in the III century (contro celso 4 ).

The discrimination has influenced Jewish's behaviour. They occupied of trade and wear. They didn't do other jobs but they went accused to be rich and avid tyrant of the people.

They were forever the scapegoat.

When in XIV century there was a big plague epidemic jewish were accused of putting poisons in wells. In zarist empire in XIX century there were a lot of violence against jewish (pogam in Russian).

In the XVI century, in Spain, catholic kings have made go away all that weren't Christian. Jewish with the conversation remained in that country but they went called marrani (that in Spainsh means pigs). They were still emarginated.

In the XX century, there was the main example of the racism of jewish: the shoah (that in ebraic means annihilation ). The author of genesis of the XX century, Chamberlain indicated German people like the depositary of the racial purity. For jewish people this represented a big threats. Hitler had the same ideas of Chamberlain. His followers and he made a programme to eliminate jewish. They were supported by German people and by some countries. Hilberg, an important historian believed that the guilt isn't only of German people but also by the church and his behaviour in the centuries.

Today the situation appear more simple than in the past. In general jewish aren't emarginated and catholic church have asked forgiveness in 2000.

Now there are some anti-semitic feelings in muslim countries.


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