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BRITAIN AT WAR (1914-1919)

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BRITAIN AT WAR (1914-l919)

The great war caused the ruin of four empires, made possible a communist revolution in Russia and revolution in Russia and prepared the way for the rise of dictators like Mussolini and Hitler.

  • Britain escaped devastation and political breakdown, but never recovered from its economic effects;
  • Germany expected a brief conflict. It nearly defeated the Allies in first few weeks of war in 1914: it had better equipment, better trained soldiers and a clear of attack.

This was Britain's first European War and Napoleonic Wars and the country was unprepared for the terrible destructive power of modern artillery, machine guns and tanks.

"Shell shock" was the term used by doctors to allude the psychological disorders among soldiers caused by the frequent shell explosions. The War Poets expressed their anger about the "stupidity" of this war. In 1916 were introduced:

Military Service Act: forced men between 18 and 41 to enlist;

Female Work also became a means of emancipation

Large Contingents coming from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa reinforced the Britain troops;

Arrival of American troops in France ended the hopes of Germany, which surrendered in November 1918.

In 1919, the Peace treaty was signed at Versailles. The victory brought Great Britain in a further extensions of its colonial possession but also economical problems, unemployment and the unresolved Irish question.

Was founded the League of Nations a precursor of the Unit Nations in its aim of securing peace and guaranteeing all nations against aggression.

But that had two fundamental weaknesses:

Its constitution was very vague;

Not all the great powers were members: 

Ø  The USA  refused to join it;

Ø  Germany and Russia were not invited to join it.

So, the task fell entirely to Britain and France, and they failed.


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