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Mr Bennet: father of Eliza ed Jane. A mixture of cleverness, sharp, humour, silence and unexpected changes of mind.

Mrs Bennet: she has the unique aim: to find an husband for one of her five daughters. A foolish woman. Her pleauser is visiting and news. She has the total lack of good manners so frequenty shown.

Kitty: called also Catherine. Is the youngest of Bennet's family. Weak-spirited, nervous and completely under Lydia's influence. Foolish, lazy and empty-headed.

Lydia: the youngest of Bennet's family. She will escape with Mr Wicklam and she will marry him. Careless and determinated to have her own way, would hardly give them a hearing. Jane: the oldest daughter of the Bennets.

Elisabeth: called also Lizzy or Eliza. Is one of the five sisters. She often meets Dracy (they fall in love at the end). She has a playful nature and a strong sense of humour.

Mary: the least pretty of Bennet's family.

Mrs Long: a friend of the Bennets. She is a selfish and insincere woman.

Mr Bingley: rich young man from the north of England, unmarried. He will move tu Longobourne where the Bennets live and will rent the wonderful house of Netherfield Park. He will fall in love with Jane. He is a very good looking man, extremely agreeable and gentlemanly.

Lady Lucas: neighbour of the Bennets. She is a very good kind of woman, not too clever.

Miss Caroline Bingley and Mrs Hurst: sisters of Mrs Bingley. Fine women.

Mrs Hurst: sister's husband, simply looked like the gentleman he is.

Mr Darcy: Mr Bingley's friend. He is a fine tall form, noble face and a good entrance every year.

Jane: the oldest daughter of the Bennets.

Sir William Lucas: Lady Lucas's husband.

Charlotte: one of Lucas' children. She is friend to Elisabeth. She will married Mr Collins.

Mrs Philips: Bennet's daughters aunt. She married a lawyer.

Mr Collins: cousin of Bennet's family. He is inherit the whole property. He is a minister of church. He became the object of attention of the Lady Catherine be Bourgh. He is a tall, heavy-looking man of about twenty-five. His manner is serious and his behaviour very formal. He is not a sensible man, neither education nor society had improved him much.

Mr Denny: an officer.

Mr Wickham: Mr Denny's friend. He will marry Lydia. But before Elisabeth will be fell in love with him. Son of the manager of Darcy's father.

Lady Catherine be Bourgh: aunt to Mr Darcy. Her daughter is Miss de Bourgh. A tall, large woman, with strongly marked features.

Lady Anne Darcy: Lady Catherine be Bourgh's sister.

Mr Gardiner: Mrs Bennet's brother. A sensible, gentlemanly man.

Mrs Gardiner: Mr Gardiner's wife. Several years younger than Mrs Bennet. A pleasant, intelligent, well-dressed, woman, great favourite with her nieces.

Miss Mary King: a young lady, admirer of Wickham.

Mrs Jenkinson: old lady that lives with Lady Catherine.

Colonel Fitzwilliam: Mr Darcy's cousin. A man of about thirty, not very good looking.

Georgiana: Darcy's sister. Ten years younger than Darcy. Not extremely proud but extremely shy. Her face show sense and natural good temper, her manners very perfectly gentle.

Mrs Forster: wife of the colonel of the regiment.

Miss Darcy's companion: a woman of good breeding.

House keeper of Pemberley House: respectable-looking woman. She continue to describe the good qualities of her master.

Maria: second Lucas' daughter.


In Hertfordshire

Town Meryton


  • Bennet's family
  • Lucas' family: about a mile from Meryton: Lucas Lodge
  • Mr Bingley: Netherfield Park



Charlotte' house: Parsonage: house small, neat and convenient.


Lady Catherine's house


Place where live Darcy's sister.

Oxford, Blenheim, Warwick, Kenilworth

Place visited by the Gardiner and Elisabeth during a tour.

Derbyshire (at the end Bingley buy a property here)

Town of Lambton


Only 5 miles away Lambton

Darcy and his sister: Pemberley House: large, fine-looking stone building, on ground slightly higher than the park; in front, a stream had been widened without making it appear at all artificial. The rooms are good height and fine shape, with furniture in excellent taste.


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