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Cardiff City and chief town of Wales, administrative center of the county of South Glamorgan, situated in southern Wales, to the mouths of the rivers Taff and Ely, on the channel of Bristol. It is a road and railway knot and an I bring active, especially in the coal export, mineral worked and cement. It possesses iron industries, metallurgical, petrochemistry, mechanics, alimentary, chemical, textile and of the paper. You/they can admire you the castle of Cardiff (XII century), the cathedral of Llandaff and the church of St. Giovanni Battista (XV century). The city is center of the university of Wales (1988), of institutes of specialization in medicine, in sciences and technology and of the national Museum of Wales.

In the XI century the inhabited area of Cardiff was conquered by the Norman ones; subsequently it became ownership of the feudal gentlemen. The opening of the channel of Glamorganshire (1794) the surrenders an important commercial result for the mineral extracts in southern Wales. After halves last century became the greatest I bring of embarkation of the coal of the world. During the second world war the city was seriously damaged by the deutsche bombardments. population: 324.400 (1999).

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Castle of Cardiff, Wales

To Cardiff, chief town of Wales, this castle of the XII rises century. During the eight hundred changes were brought to the inside structure, you inspire to a curious taste esotizzante: famous it is the Arabic room, conceived as the room of a harem, from the rich decoration in lapis lazzuli.


Bay of Cardiff

In the bay of Cardiff, that coincides with the estuary of the river Severn, the gradient among tall and low tide it is very marked and it reaches to overcome the 14 meters.


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