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Frankenstein is a Mary Shelley's famous book that talks about a very intelligent man interesting of science. His name was Victor Frankenstein. He lived in Geneva, in Switzerland, with his parents, his little brother, William, and his dear Elizabeth.

Elizabeth came to live with them when her parents are died. When he was eighteen his mother died, but before she died, she spoke to Elizabeth and him. She hoped that one day Victor will marry and then Elizabeth could look after little William. Victor went to the university and he studied science, chemistry and medicine. He worked alone to found the secret of life. He paid man for steal bodies from graveyard. He cut up the bodies and after he joined the parts to makes a man. His idea was to bring the monster to life with the power of lightning. With the lightning in the balding start a fire. Victor woke up in a hospital and after, he went to Geneva to find his family. When he arrived, he found out that his little brother is murdered. So he understood that the monster was alive. Later, Victor met the monster in the mountains. The monster hated Victor because he made him, because with your look couldn't have friend. So the monster said Victor to make a female monster so that he could have a partner. Victor went to Strasburg, to his best friend Henry to work to his new terrible monster. One day, while he was working, Henry went to Victor's laboratory and he saw that he was doing. Victor told Henry his story and he convinced him to give up the work, but the monster was on the window and he killed Henry. Later, Victor and Elizabeth married and they went to honeymoon. In the night, Victor, to protect Elizabeth, went out to find the monster and kill him, but when he returned to home, he found his dear wife dead. So, Victor decided to die in those terrible places.


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