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THE SHORT STORY is a narrative, usually limited to a brief span of time, whose length is shorter than a novel and may very between 1.000 to 2.000 words.   

The setting is often simplified to make the atmosphere convincing and stories usually haven't complex plots. The focus is upon (sopra) a single event and the characters are presented in moment of crisis.

The plot usually develops according a regular pattern:

In the introduction are presented setting and characters

The key-note, an incident or a crisis, arouses (attira) the reader's interest and serves as a catalyst to the development of the story

The climax comes unexpected to surprise the reader

The conclusion can vary: it can be a good conclusion (the conflict are resolved), bad conclusion (the characters can fail or die), open conclusion ( the conflict are unresolved and the readers can imagine a adapted end) or it can re-establish the initial situation.

SCIENCE FICTION it's not an homogeneous form of writing, in fact it mingles (mescola) different genres, from gothic to utopias and space adventures. Science fiction mix imaginary inventions with scientific facts and prophetic visions and is set in the future, in the space or in alternative worlds.

The science fiction writers are in search of a philosophical definition of man and his state in the Universe, they explore the implication of science and technology in human's lifes.

MINIMALISM was born in the 1880s with Chekhov and was reinvented by American author Carver during 1960s and 1970s. Minimalism fiction has no politic, economic, social effusion and it's extremely objective and concise because the minimalism writers strip away unnecessary language that might interfere with reader's interpretation. In this story we haven't a narrator, the events are presented by the characters with dialogues. In minimalism fiction the reader is thrown directly in the middle of the story, he doesn't know nothing about the characters background and he can finds himself an interpretation of the situation because the story is open to multiple readings.


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