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Terraced houses are very common.

These are long lines of houses all joined together.

They were often originally built as homes for factory workers 100 years ago.

They are small houses with not many rooms although many have been modernized and enlarged in recent years.

The suburbs are residential areas outside the city centre.

This is were the majority of ordinary British people live.

The typical suburban house has a living room,dining room and kitchen downstairs while upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom.

There is a small garden at the front and a larger one at the back of the house,usually with a garage.

A detached house is completely separate from the other houses on each side.

A semi-detached house is joined to the house next door on one side.

The ideal home for many people is completely outside the city, in a village in the country.

Some people who live in a cottage travel many miles away to go to work.They are commuters.


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