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J. CONRAD (1857-1924)

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J. CONRAD (1857-l924)

Russian, made many journeys, also with the English merchant navy (1890 Congo), love for solitude. Man reveals his inner self only after the impact with unforeseen events. Sea: isolation (social, psychological), escape. Symbolism: Nature reveals man's state of mind. Oblique narrative: Frame (realistic), picture (inner narration, with several viewpoints). No chronological order but temporal shifts. The double: presence of an alter-ego who reflects the hidden side of man's personality.

Heart of darkness

Frame: Marlow tells his friends on the Thames his adventures in Africa. Kurtz: a learned man, sent by the Company for civilization and freedom, he has become a kind of God for the natives. He is like Marlow but he stayed for a long time in Congo, so he has changed (alter-ego). Marlow sees only savagery and solitude: nature is being polluted and destroyed, and the natives are kept together with chains like animals, they are apathic (how can they be considered enemies, criminals? They are helpless.).


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