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Jane Austen, one of the major novelists in English literature, was born in 1775. Chronologically she belongs to the Romantic Period, but her realism and balance in construction place her in line with the tradition of the 18th century.

Her father was a rector of two parishes in Hampshire. She studied at the Abbey School at Reading.

Her life was spent in a very limited environment: the important moments of her life were weddings, visits and shopping. Jane Austen was a graceful girl, who enjoyed the social life that her small world provided.

He soon developed the qualities of a keen observer of human society: she possessed a great ability to read right inside people. With irony, she explores human emotion and behaviour.

Very little we know about his sentimental life. Maybe, she had a romantic love story with a young man who had no money, but he was compelled to go abroad to seek fortune. This experience inspired the story of Ann Elliot in Persuasion.

She began writing very soon: she wrote novels of manners, giving portraits of the provincial middle-class. His first works were "Elinor and Marianne", "First Impression" and "Northanger Abbey".

Each of her novel is a story about marriage: according to her, women had no future expect for what their husband could provide.

There was a pause in her literary activity and she moved to Chawton. This was the period of "Mansfield Park", Pride and Prejudice", "Emma" and Persuasion". Many consider Pride and Prejudice her masterpiece. Elizabeth Bennet is one of the best creations of the writer: she is clever and capable of loyalty and generosity.

Jane Austen became known and the Prince Regent was one of her admirers.

Her health began to fail and she went in Winchester in search of medical attention, but she died in 1816.


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