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The new of the modern novel is the realism. The story is set in the present and the behaviour of the characters is very close to the reader. Time ,place, physical descriptions of people are clearly indicated. Modern travel fiction, is a novel that tells about travels, that were very common and popular. Some of that travel fiction are also utopian fiction, here two distant world are be ed, one of them is a modern imperfect world.

SWIFT: was born in Ireland(catholic country) in 1667, there he was educated and became a priest. He went to England , to stay in the household of sir William temple where attended in a circle of learned friend and use the library, rich of classical texts. He became one of the most influential writers of the Augustan Age. He wrote satirical works against political corruption. In Ireland he became an hero because with his pamphlets. He was a brilliant polemist, we can see that in his most important satirical works : THE BATTLE OF THE BOOK(he imagines a battle between the ancients and moderns books) , A MODEST PROPOSAL(it is a pamphlet , politic, he suggest to use Irish children ad food for the rich) , A TALE OF TUB( against the corruption of the Roman Church). GULLIVER's TRAVELS

GULLIVER's TRAVELS 1726 published anonymously, because of the allusion to contemporany politics (novel) 4 book, Utopian narratives, on a first level of read , it's a travel story, that is a popular genre. Gulliver (first-person narrator), a ship's surgeon, makes a series of voyages into remote lands of the world. Swift Mixes fantastic and real. 1 ° BOOK, First voyage, Gulliver is shipwreck in the empire of Lilliput, that are small like insect, At first they make Gulliver prisoner but after they trust him and try to use him in the war against the neighbouring contry. At the end Gulliver is allowed to leave the country. Lilliputian are only great in their thirst for power, and exemplify the pettiness of world. 2° BOOK In the second voyage Gulliver lands in the country of Brobdingnag, lived by giants. They are highly civilized. The gigantic size of the people allow Gulliver to see all the physical imperfection of man. 3°BOOKIn the third voyage, Gulliver lands in Laputa, a flying island, moved by a magnet. The inhabitants despise all practical occupations, they are interested only in theoretical and abstract knowledge. In their academy conduct absurd experiments. Is a direct satire against the philosophies and science of England. 4°BOOK Gulliver is with the degraded humanity of the Yahoos, monstruous creatures, and with the superior intelligence of the clever horses. Gulliver admit that the Yahoos are very similar to men and decide to stay forever with the horses.

Defoe: was born in 1660 in London , in a puritan family. He was a part-time writer. In 1703 he was imprisoned for satire. He was a spy for the Tory and for the Whig. He wrote in prose pamphlets and travel books. He died in 1731 full of debts. In Robinson Crusoe is Defoe's first novel the story is told by a first-person narrator, and is a fake autobiography. It is about the sea and the dangers of navigation , that were very popular character. Robison born in York, he decided to take to the sea as a merchant. During one of his trips, he is shipwrecked in a desert island with no other survivors. He build an house and some utensils, learns how to cultivate the land. He writes on a diary every day of his life on the island, and reads every day a Bible. One day, on the opposite side of the island where he lives, founds a prisoner that was going to be killed by a group of Indians. He saves him and calls him Friday, as the name of the current day. The time is accounted very well. After 28 years passed alone on a desert island Robinson develop a religious conversion, he understand that the man is not alone in the world and that there is an order in the universe. Robinson represents the English mercantile class that was beginning to colonize the world, and is the model pioneer. He represents the relation between colonist and native that will characterize the British and European colonialism. Robinson trusts Friday, but use him ad a servant, don't teach him to use a gun , teach him a little English, and force the Christian's God over Friday's god.


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