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Multicultural Approach

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Multicultural Approach

The multicultural approach is a method whose aim is to teach children about other cultures and races, different lifestyles, languages. It wants children not to grow up with stereotypes, making them value and respect the others.

In my opinion, it's very useful, because educators can influence the development of a respectful behaviour. They can try to eliminate stereotypes by proposing activities that make the children learn the similarities of everyone. This approach want to accustom the children to the idea that there are different lifestyles, languages, cultures and viewpoints. It is a really useful instrument to eliminate stereotypes among different cultures and races.

Since I was young, I have always had experience with people coming from other countries. For this reason, now I'm able to have a conversation with everyone, and I don't have stereotypes, cause I know really many friends from different natiolalities. I can't remember very well my first approach, because I was only 4 years old. But now I love meeting new friends, who have different lifestyles from mine.


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