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My dream car

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My dream car

My dream car looks like a Ferrari Superamerica. Its design makes it the only among the other car and it will be produced in a limited number of samples. It is really special and innovative because it is endowed with a crystal roof. When it is closed can be chosen five different degrees of transparency and brightness of the cabin, passing from that more dark color to that clearer, in less than one minute. It refolds himself without removing space from the baggage in ten seconds.

The cabin whit two places is that of a luxury car: the coverings in appreciated skin damage a touch of class to an environment from the sporting character.

The comfortable and sporting seats have six electric regulations. They are also available with hull in carbon.

The motor, whit twelve cylinders and 540 horses, are able to reach elevated speed up to 320 km/hs. The marches selector is manual's type to six relationships. The automatic function is inserted pressing a button on the central tunnel.

With it I would take a trip toward the most beautiful zones in Europe. I would arrive in France on the "cost Azure" , toward Nizza and Montecarlo for a dream trip with my dream car. I would spend whole days turning among the beautiful roads leaned on beaches and shores.

It is really exciting to drive it for its high speeds and performances make you feel a professional pilot.

I think that in the future the cars will reach more and more high speed with superior safety levels; very frequent are the crash test that effects simulations of bump stimulating the houses builders to produce surer car for the passengers and for the pedestrians.

Also for the environment are being made progress for reducing the tall degree of atmospheric pollution, introducing electric or hydrogen car.

My dream car

La mia auto dei sogni e la nuova ferrari superamerica.

Il  suo design la rende davvero unica fra le auto. È davvero speciale e innovativa perché è dotata di un tetto di cristallo di cui si possono scegliere i diversi gradi di trasparenza e si richiude in dieci secondi. I sedili comodi e sportivi hanno sei regolazioni elettriche adatti a qualsiasi regolazione. Arriva a velocità davvero elevate raggiungendo infatti 320 km/h.

Con essa farei un viaggio verso le zone più belle d'Europa. Arriverei in Francia sulla costa azzurra , verso nizza e montecarlo per un viaggio da sogno con la mia auto da sogno. È veramente eccitante guidarla per le sue alte velocità e prestazioni che ti fanno sentire un pilota professionista. Io penso che nel futuro le auto raggiungeranno velocità sempre più alte ma con livelli di sicurezza superiori, inoltre penso o meglio spero che esse saranno meno inquinanti e sempre più confortevoli.


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