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ENQUIRY: First letter exchanged between  two companies. Request about informative material.




1st part: How you obtained the address of the company or of a particular product, when, who you are and why are you interested.


2nd part: You ask for illustrative material .   CATALOGUES

3rd part: You conclude saying that if the price is convenient and if the quality is high you are going to send an order (conclusion: We look forward your offer by return)

QUOTATION: Letter which contains prices, conditions of payment, delivery etc .

1st part: Acknowledgement about the receiving of the enquiry (thanks for your enquiry . )

2nd part:  You say that you are sending a catalogue, a pricelist and info about means of payment, transport, packing, delivery terms.

3rd part: You say that you are ready to answer to other questions if necessary, and you hope in a future order (conclusion: We look forward to receive your order)

ORDER: Letter that you have to include to the order form.

1st part: You thank for the quotation received

2nd part: Talk about the order and the conditions (payment, delivery terms, warranty . )

3rd part: Close saying that you're waiting for the goods and you hope in a future relation with the company (conclusion: We hope that our order will be promptly and carefully executed according to our instructions and we look forward to receive the products)

COMPLAINTS (ANSWER TO COMPLAINTS): This kind of letter can be done in case of defect about:

The goods doesn't work

The quantity

The quality

The colour

The time of delivery

It must to be formal, clear, short, polite and going to the point immediately.    DO NOT BE RUDE!


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