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The protagonist is Chuck a young boy who want to do a military school to become like his father.

His father was pilot and died in a jet crash/accident during the war in Korea.

Chuck hasn't a good life because he can't stand his two sister who have different fathers and because he is considered the retard of the family, so he has a bad family.

The movie is set in the sixties and it starts when Chuck and his family are on holiday on the ferry boat.

While he is on the ferry boat to made a puncture on the tyre of a car Chuck sees Mr Mc Leod for the first time and he notice that that man is a freak since half of his face is burned, and so he runs away.

Sometimes when something happened to Chuck he use to lost himself in day-dreams for hours and he didn't move. It happened the same thing one day near the home of Mr Mc Leod.

He was raining and Mc Leod find him all wet on a stone with a strange expression, so he decided to bring him to his home.

Chuck find out that he was a teacher and so ask him if he can give him some private lessons even if he is scared by him, because he needed any help.

Mc Leod start to teach him but Chuck doesn't say it to his mother because he is a freak and there are a lot of rumours/gossips about it (for example that he writes porno books, he is connected with Mafia . ) First they don't have a good relationship, but then they will become friends.

Chuck find out that he had a student like him and he was involved in a car crash, for this reason Leod has the burned face.

He does a mock exam.

One day he argue or quarrel with his sister and find out the truth about his father that is his father was a drunk and died in a psychiatry institute. He didn't believes her but she showed him the evidence. Chuck run away and go to Leod, he sleep with him. When the police find him his mother told him that when Leod had the accident was abusing his student so she was afraid and she prohibited to see Leod.

Chuck was upset, but he does the exam and he pass. Meanwhile Leod was charged and he can't see him and talk to him, but he let a letter in his empty house.

After some years he finished the academy  and at last there is a final ceremony. All his family is excited, and also Leod who was looking at him and was hidden is happy for him.

At the end Chuck find out that there is also Leod at the ceremony and he say goodbye to him while he is going away.

I like this movie because is moving and there is a good end.

The only thing I don't like is that Leod was charged and blamed for something he hasn't done.

The moral could be that everyone can have a second chance.


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