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Verona has been declared by UNESCO a world heritage site, one visit will tell you why. Sitting on the banks of River Adige, the city has an engaging vibrancy, a welcoming, open atmosphere, and an array of historical sites and monuments that speak of a long and colourful past. Where you will find a wide variety of fashionable shops. Good restaurants, chic trattoria and cool cafes.


Our group start the tour at the Roman Theatre built in the reign of Augustus. Then we cross the Adige at Ponte di Pietra, the oldest Roman monument in Verona and arrive on the opposite bank and we will see the Romanesque- gothic Duomo that containing masterpieces of painting like the "Assumption" by Titian. We proceed our visit and go to Piazza delle Erbe, one of the most picturesque squares in Italy, on the site of the old Roman Forum, today the permanent home of the open air fruit and vegetable market characterized by its white umbrellas. Here we can admire the Capitello, the Market Fountain also called "Madonna di Verona", the St. Markt Column, Casa Mazzanti, The Baroque Palazzo Maffei, and the 83m high Torre dei Lamberti. The we will moved to Piazza dei Signori, called "an open-air salon" because of the beautiful palaces that surrounded it, here we can see the monument to Ditchers Dante, The Palazzo della Ragione and the Loggia del Consiglio, one of finest Early Renaissance building in Italy. We proceed our tour to discover the Gothic Tombs of the Scaligers or Arche Scaligere the heraldic emblem of the family Scaligeri. We will stop here a minute to admire this masterpiece before going on to S.Fermo Maggiore. On the way we stop at Juliet's House, to see the statue of Shakespearean's tragic heroine and the charming marble balcony. We arrive at S.Fermo Maggiore and we will admire its fašade beautifully decorated with marble. After our visit we go on to Piazza Bra' dominated by the Roman Arena, here we have free time to have lunch and break. After lunch we continue our tour visiting the Amphitheatre, the best preserved in the world and the second largest in Italy, today famous for the summer opera season. Following we will go to Castelvecchio built by Scaligeri between 1355 and 1375, now house of Veneto's finest art galleries and we will cross the fine Ponte Scaligero restored after wartime destruction. Then we moved to S. Zeno Maggiore, perhaps the finest Romanesque building in northern Italy. After this visit we have finished our tour in Verona, we return to Piazza delle Erbe where we will have free time for some shopping, take photos or buy lovely postcard to don't forget Verona.


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