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Virginia WOOLF

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Virginia WOOLF

Virginia Woolf wan born in London in 1882. She came from an aristocratic family, therefore from a highly educated and intellectual family environment which greatly influence her in her approaching to writing and art in general. Her mother's and two years later her step-sister's deaths caused her mental instability. She used to hear voices in her head and have migraine attacks. After her father died, she moved to Bloomsbury where she founded a circle of intellectuals and where she met her husband Leonard Woolf. Later he founded the Hogart Press to publish her works. After she published many important writings she died drowning herself in a river in 1941.

It always feels like the reader is entering in the characters' inner world. Time is often dilated and a single moment can last for a very long time. She uses the indirect interior monologue to represent the gap between chronological and interior time. Woolf wants to impress the characters who experience these events in their subjectivity and this made her a heroine for many feminist. She does not use the tradition narration voice, but she takes different points of view from her characters and she "speaks" with their minds, showing their thoughts and feeling as the occur. A narrator sometime gives to this thought a logical order and grammatical sequence.

MOMENTS OF BEING are the moments of intensity, perception or vision which illuminate our lives.

Mrs. Dalloway - one day in the central London. Clarissa Dalloway organizes a party for her husband, a politician, and during the day she experiences many changes of moods and memories. We see her also through the other character's eyes and thoughts like the man she once loved who suddenly comes back from India, her friend, and her daughter. At the same time, like a parallel life, there is Septimus Smith who had a nervous disorder because of the bad experiences in war, and he goes to two famous doctors who don't understand his disease though so they can't help him. At the end of the day he kills himself, and Clarissa gets the new at her party where one of the doctors was invited. She understands Septimus and she feels like him and somehow she is glad that he committed suicide because thanks to him she could truly understand life.


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