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ADVERTISEMENT: the art of making people buy a product/service

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ADVERTISEMENT: the art of making people buy a product/service

Purpose of advertisement:

to promote the sales of their products/service

to beat the competitors "sink or swim"

to secure new customers

Types of advertising:

informative advertising (educates the consumers)

competitive advertising (persuade people to buy their products and not from a competitor)

prestige advertising (improves or maintains the image of a product)

Phases in advertising campaign:

attention (keeping the customers)

interest (arousing interest in the product)

desire (a want for the product)

action (to buy the product)

How do we advertise?





direct mail/brochures

trade fairs

sending samples of their product to potential customers

MARKETING: all the various business activities that take place before launching a product

Market research:

research concerning the design of the product

research concerning the performances of the product

research concerning the quality of the product

Marketing proper: is the commercial selling of products / services

Market test: the product is sold in a small area to measure customers' reactions

Sales promotion: promoting the product through:


visiting or phoning customers

sending out letters

free samples




Marketing mix:

product (the right product)

price (the price must be competitive)

promotional techniques (packaging display must attract the customers eyes)

places (effective channels of distribution)

Marketing flops (reasons):

too much competition

too expensive

low quality product

electronic/technological change too fast

TARGET: is the category of people to whom I should sell the product


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