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Aldous Huxley - Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley

Brave New World


The text starts at the beginning of the novel when a group of students goes to visit the centre where they produce babies.


1 people are like factory production.

2 both Huxley and Orwell one of the critic is the mass of society; all the people are equal and individuality isn't important and isn't allowed. (massification)

4 the atmosphere is cold; the light is cold and it's connected with the creation; there's an absence of relationship (feelings) -environments are cold. 

5 Marble something cold: the faces of the babies reflect the fact that they aren't intelligent. (they are conditioned not to be intelligent)

6 everything is artificial (dresses)

7 they are submitted

8 Production of babies Khaki colour of a group of twins.

9 Light it comes out a little by little experiment to conditioning the babies psychologically

10 the different social classes have different colours.

11 cold atmosphere absence of feelings in the process of creation


1 not experimentalist (very clear message)

2 He is a realistic writer

3 Use of scientific language to give more realism (new element)

4 He wants to send a message.

5 Third person omniscient narrator.

6 Association of flowers (nature) and books (culture) with terror conditioning them through electroshock.

7 message example of science against you and not for the progress. (psychology)

8 the conditioning is linked with economy.

Technique to:

1 technology we see how it could be used in a negative way. -Embrions in bottles - conditioning.

2 division in social classes 1 ruling class: they are psychologically and intellectually perfect and are created in different cells. All twins. 2 Working class: they are all individuals. Prevented to love nature and culture, conditioned to love their job and to consume what they produce, sex is used only for pleasure no love. Use of drugs to adapt people to society. Government gives drugs.

3 totalitarian regime. (culture is forbidden) 1 reservation : natural people speaks in shakespearian language, Islands People thinks with their own heads. They were considered dangerous and sent away.


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