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Edgar Allan Poe

He's a precursor of surreal effects with his existential anxiety.

He's the first American writer.

America doesn't like him because he was a successful man and wasted his fortune.

Surrealist loved him for the absurdity in his tales that reflect real life.

Poe's purpose was to catch the whole beauty in the platonic sense of the idea of beauty.

The object of poetry is an undefined pleasure.

Poetry for Poe is "Rhythmical Creation of Beauty".

In poetry music is indispensable to the reach of the supreme Beauty thanks to his enchanter effects.

Aesthetic pleasure derives from the contemplation of a whole.

Poe's writing canons: unity of place, time and effects - Aristotelian canons.

A tale must give only one effects and every elements in it have to participate to this purpose.

Richness of details to give a realistic sense.

"Arabesque" for the fantastic, irregular, original, weirdness.


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