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EMMA: was a young, rich, clever and pretty lady. Her mother died when she was a child so her father take a governess call Miss Taylor, she and Emma became friends early. Emma likes to arrange marriages for her friends and she loved very much spend the day with them. When Miss Taylor got married and went to go in another house, Emma was sorrowed sad. She lives in Hartfield with her father: Mr Woodhouse.

MR WOODHOUSE: he was the Emma's father. He enjoyed the friends' visits and he loves the society. He was clever and kind with the others. He was a nervous man, easily depressed.

MISS TAYLOR: she was the Emma's governess and the Emma's second mother. She loves her very much and between them it was the intimacy of sister. She got married with Mr Weston and went to live in another house. She had been in Mr Woodhouse's family for sixteen years. She always helped Emma.

MR WESTON: he was a man of easy manner and pleasant manners. He was Miss Taylor's husband.

MR KNIGHTELY: he was a sensible and cleaver man about thirty-seven years, he was an intimate friend of the family and the brother of the Isabella's husband. He secretly fell in love whit Emma. He was the only one that could see faults in Emma.

ISABELLA: she was Emma's sister. She was pretty, elegant and with gentle manner. She was settled in London with her husband. Sometimes she came back Mr Woodhouse's home to visit her father and her sister.

HARRIET SMITH: she was Emma's best friend. She was shy and very handsome but she fell in love many times and for this she suffered. Emma always advised her about how she had to behave.

SUMMARY: Emma was a very handsome and rich lady that lives in Highbury with her father and the governess called Miss Taylor. Miss Taylor loves very much Emma but a day she got married and went to live in another house. Emma was very sorrowed but with the help with Mr Knightely she succeeded to be happy for the marriage. A day she knew Miss Harriet Smith and they became best friend. She always invited Harriet because she loved her company very much. An important man, Mr Martin fell in love with Harriet but her didn't want to love him so she refused his proposal of marriage. Mr Elton, the rector of Higbury asked Harriet to sit for a picture and, after some minutes, he accepted. In this way Emma decided that Mr Elton and Harriet had to engage. The 24th of December, Emma and her friends decided to dine at Randalls, here, Emma heard about Frank Churchill, the son of Miss Taylor husband. He always interested her. Emma discover that Mr Elton love her but she refuse him so, after four weeks he got married with another girl. In the meantime Frank Churchill went to Highbury and knew Emma. She fell in love with him but she never admitted this. Some times later Mr Weston discover that his son Frank was engaged in secretly with Jane Fairfax, a rich and elegant lady. Emma suffered for this engage and she thought that she would never get married. A day, while she and Harriet were talking, she discover that Harriet was interested about Mr Knightely. In this way Emma understood that she loved Mr Knightely so she talked with him and they decided to marry. After many days Emma knew that Harriet was engaged with Mr Martin and Mr Churchill and Jane Fairfax were going to get married.

Emma and Mr Knightely married.


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