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JANE EYRE - Main characters

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Main characters

JANE EYRE is the main character in the story, and when the story begins she's 10 years old. She is sent to the care of her Aunt Mrs Reed at Gateshead Hall. She's considered a bad girl, but it isn't right. In fact when she goes to school she is the best one and when she's 18 years old she becomes a teacher.

Mrs REED: she's an exact, clever manager. Her household is under her control. She promises her husband that she will bring up the orphan child, Jane, as her own, but when her husband dies she treats Jane badly until to lock her into the red-room.

JOHN REED is Mrs Reed's son. He's a 14 year-old boy who is always in ht with Jane.

ELIZA and GEORGIANA REED are Mrs Reed's daughters. The first one is headstrong and selfish. The last one has a spoiled temper, a very acrid spite, a captious and insolent carriage.

Mr LLOYD is the family doctor. He hears Jane's story and decides that she should be sent away to school. This decision will change Jane's life.

BESSIE LEE is the children's nurse. She's the only one who is kind to Jane and used to tell her stories of love and adventure taken from old fairy tales or from ballads and novels.

The reverend Mr BROCKLEHURST is the treasurer of the school to which Jane goes. He says to all the girls in the school that Jane is a naughty child who tells a lot of lies.

MISS TEMPLE is the superintendent of the school. She's the first to greet Jane. Jane finds her a kindly and just woman who tries to reduce the miseries that the girls suffer from hunger and cold.

HELEN BURNS becomes Jane's best friend among the girls. Helen is patient under continuos scolding and penalties for untidiness in school; and when she becomes mortally in with consumption, aggravated by the conditions at Lowood, she bears her fate with Christian courage and resignation.

Mrs FAIRFAX is the person who had written to Jane and who welcomes her at Thornfield. She engages Jane as a governess for her ward Adèle Varens.


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