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Jane Austen 1795 - 1817

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Jane Austen 1795 - 1817

Jane Austen was the major novelist of the early nineteenth century. Her life was tranquil and uneventful. His father was the rector of a village in English country: he was a learned man and this influenced Jane. She started writing prose, verse and drama at an early age.

One of her most famous works, Sense and Sensibility, was written as an epistolary novel, Elinor and Marriane, and it's an example of Jane's ability to describe real and lively characters. The novel's plot is simple; it's rather an investigation of the different attitudes to life of two sisters: Elinor is calm and full of common "sense", while Marriane is sentimental and has little control over her emotions ("sensibility"). Jane Austen satirised the exaggerated sentimentality of contemporary novels, and rejects a purely romantic and sentimental view of love.

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most best known and most admired of her novels: is a vivid picture of provincial England.


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