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Main plot The story of king Lear and his three daughters.

Subplot The story of the count of Gloucester and his two sons.

Good characters King Lear and Gloucester (at the beginning they make many mistakes but then    they repent),Cordelia, Edgar, Kent, the Fool

Evil characters    Regan, Goneril, and Edmund.

What happens to the wicked in the end?

At last wicked are discovered and punished for their tricks: Regan is killed her sister Goneril kills whom then committees suicide, and Edmund killed by his half-brother.

Are Lear and Gloucester rightly punished or are their punishments out of proportion? Why?

We think that their punishments are out of proportion because they understand their mistakes and in some way we can justify them.

What is Lear's first great mistake?

His first mistake is to divide the kingdom before dying: in this way he lose every authority. He also mistakes because he wants to divide the kingdom according on how much his daughters love him.

What do you think of the "love test" and in what does it consist?

Lear asks his daughters show him how much they love their father: this is the necessary condition for having a part of his kingdom. We think it isn't right because Cordelia isn't able to show her feelings, while Goneril and Regan lie only for having a kingdom's part.

What about Lear's reaction at Cordelia's behaviour?

He's very angry because Cordelia isn't able to show her love, and he exiles her. We thing it's an exaggerate reaction and he only wants to be adored for his position of king.

What is Gloucester's mistake as regards his two sons?

Gloucester is wrong because he believes in Edmund's lies (he calumniates his half-brother, telling Gloucester he wants to kill him) and he isn't right to understand his sons' behaviour. Gloucester takes his decision just thinking about his possessions.

Lear's actions represent a violation of the laws of nature. Why?

We must consider the medieval of morality, according to which king Lear is at the top of the human hierarchy pyramid. Lear forgets this law and wants to put three people at the top of the pyramid. He causes disorder in human feelings, and pays with great sufferance this mistake.

What happens to Lear after he has given the kingdom to Goneril and Regan?

He soon understands that it hasn't been a good decision, because they deprive him of everything, men, castles and dignity too.

The storm scene: why is it so important in the play?

This scene represents the confusion of our world when men don't follow nature's laws. It is also the metaphor of a sad world where the bad actions of the men often dominate. The storm overwhelm Lear, who becomes the symbol of all men

What is the function of the Fool?

The Fool is the court clown who is faithful to Lear till the end and makes him understand his own situation

What are the main themes you can see in the play?

We think that this tragedy represents the importance of love and the conflicts between parents and sons, who aren't often able to understand each other. Shakespeare also shows the worst behaviours of men.

What is the conclusion of the plot?

At the end Cordelia, imprisoned with his father, is killed in front of him, who then dies of a broken heart. Regan is poisoned by her sister for Edmund's love; discovered, she commits suicide.

What is the conclusion of the subplot?

The subplot ends with many deaths too: Edmund, the traitor, after ordering to strangle Cordelia, is killed by Edgar, who can have his title back.   


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