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The story is set in India, in a Christian Mission; there's a 3 th person narrator.

The text opens with a description of L. , a beautiful Hill-girl, who is the main character of the story. When she is a child, her parents decide to take her to the Ch. Mission to baptise her after two bears destroyed their harvest. After that, her parents die for cholera, but she decides to remain at the Mission and she becomes half servant, half companion of Chaplain's wife. In the story there are two social group: Hill-people (Indian People) and White People (People of the mission); L. doesn't belong to either group: in fact Hill-people hate her because she became like a white people (she washes herself every day) but the white people doesn't consider her like a member of their community either. But L. is happy in that kind of life at the mission. One day, during one of her walks, she meets on the ground a unconscious man, an Englishman and she decides to take him home: The first sentence that she says when she arrives to the Mission is: "This is my husband" ; in fact she wanted to marry him. The Chaplain's and his wife's reactions are very severe because L. is very passionate and instinctive but the intention of marry the Englishman is very hard in Lispeth.

After fortnight the Englishman recovers and he can go but in these 15 days he stayed every time with L. who fall in love with him. At the moment of his departure L. is very sad but the Englishman says her that he will return to marry her. Now she is very very happy, she thinks him every day, she imagines when he can be in every moment but actually the Chaplain's wife told the Englishman that he tell L. that he will return to marry her, because she though L. was a wild girl and that her feelings weren't so important; but L. doesn't know that, and waits for the Englishman's arrival. Three months after the Englishman's departure Chaplain's wife decides to tell L. the truth: the Englishman will no return. L. doesn't want to believe that, in fact the Englishman told her he love her. So L. wears the dress of Hill-girls and decides to return to own people where she will stay until her death; she spoke about her first love, the Englishman, just when she was drunk.


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