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Languages bring people together

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Languages bring people together.

Since ancient times man has had to deal with the problem of the different languages spoken by various populations, in fact during the times of Erodoto, in the fifth century B.C., people who did not speak Greek called barbarians. This can be regardded as the frist attempto impose a common language between all nations so as to abolish incomprehentions and discrimination.

There have benn languages which for various historical and cultural reasons have become a means of communication betwwen different populations assuming a role of an international language. An example of this ca be seen when a people conquest another and they try to impose their language on the conquered territories together with they will and religion. This happened with the American Indian, who wishing to remain in their territory and to be faithful to their traditions, refusing to integrate with the white society have paid a high price.

A language has always been the most important means of comunication between people and a form of verbal communication belonging to each population which, with the passing of time, has evolved into different directions, It, in many cases, has represented the motor driving the society; with the language we have always exchanged thoughts and words, which has allowed the evolution of man.

Today English is the universal language and until a few years ago there was an incompatibily between the various states because many did not understand the language. All this led to a limitation of cultural exchanges. With the advancement of a universal language the barriers due to incompatibility of communication have broken down, frist of all due to the invention of Internet we are moving towards a new big global village. This system allows us to be informed about everything that happens in the world in any moment, and is a method which in a certain sense has brought togheter different peoples, contributing to the realization of an international language.

If we have arrived an this point, it is thank also to the school, because nearly every country it is compulsory to learn a second language and in Italy, with the increase of immigrants from outside the European Community, within the school structure, it is possible for young immigrants to have a teacher to hel'p them who speaks their language.

Today to be able to travel, work or study abroad, the knowledge of English has become fundamental. Just think of the many English words that are present in our language. Another incentive to this globalization has been given by music.

Now there are many foreign songs, mainly English, that we sing every day.

Lately there has been much talk of a United Europe, but to join different nations is not enought to break down the frontiers, create a common currency but rather it is necessary to go to the root of what makes up a nation: the language. The positive aspect of an international language is this: two people of different nationalities can speak to each other forgetting reciprocal hatred and a third person is able to understand everything they say.

Therefore we welcome a common language but on the conditions that with the passing of the time the less important language are not cancelled because this would mean that we would reassume the history of different nations in the story of one nation cancelling for always the origins of each of us, thus making great mistake.

Language allow man not to think that his own country is the whole world, but to open his horizons towards the whole et joining with other nations in one nation, humanity.


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