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ROBINSON CRUSOE: the summary

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ROBINSON CRUSOE: the summary

Robinson is an ambitious young man who leaves his family to indulge his desire for sea voyages.

A first shipwreck and a period of slavery don't put him off. Rescued by a Portoguese ship, he goes to Brazil where he becomes a rich ter. But during a voyage to Guinea to buy black slaves for his friends' tations he is shipwrecked on a desert island off the mouth of Orinoco River where he remains for about 28 years . In this period, with the help of a few things saved from the shipwreck, he succeeds in making a tolerable life for himself. He domesticates some animals and one of the cannibals who occasionally land on the island becomes his faithful servant, Friday.

Eventually a ship of mutineers lands on the island. Crusoe rescues its officers and is taken back to England.


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