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TOM JONES: the summary

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TOM JONES: the summary

Mysteriously placed in the bed of Mr Allworthy, Tom is found as a new-born baby by that good country gentleman and is brought up as his ward together with hi nephew Blifil. Tom's exuberant and passionate nature often gives Blifil the opportunity to speak ill of him and thereby to alienate Mr Allworthy's affection. His evil machinations result in Tom's expulsion from home and his separation from Sophia Western, the girl he is deeply in love with. The second part of the book shows the adventures on the road of most of the characters of the novel. Tom leaves home first to join the army the to go to London. Sophia, who reciprocates Tom's love in spite of his social position, runs away from home to avoid marriage to Blifil. Squire Western pursues his daughter. The final part of the novel is set in London where all the major characters congregate and where Tom's true identity is finally discovered. Tom is Mr Allworthy's sister's illegitimate son and therefore half brother of Blifil. At the end, nothing can prevent Tom from marrying his beloved Sophia.


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