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The Great Exhibition mystery

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The Great Exhibition mystery

A mother and her daughter arrived in Paris from Marseilles, where they had disembarked from India. They reached their hotel, which was one of the most famous hotels in Paris, and they had booked two single rooms. They signed the register. The mother took room 342. After the mother feel ill and took to bed. The hotel doctor examined her. The mother required a particular medicine, which was at the doctorís surgery and he asked the girl to go in his carriage.

The girlís journey seemed long and slow. When she arrived to the hotel, the hotel manager said he knew nothing about her mother.

In the register there was the girlís signature, but not her motherís; room 342 was now empty and the furniture was different.

Because the British Ambassador and the police didnít believe the girl, the girl returned to England and she was put in an asylum.


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