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V.WOOLF: (1882-1941)

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V.WOOLF: (1882-l941)

Development of the novel, rejected conventions of the realistc fiction of Vict.Age

new way of expressing a different perception of reality.

Influenced by her childhood & her family backgroung. Highly intellectual atmosphere at home.

Influenced by Aestheticism.

Her mother died when she was youngaffected her profoundly. (series of nervous brackdowns)

In the Bloomsbury Group: importance of Subjectivity, Aesthetic enjoyment, Personal ties(legami) of affection,

intellectual honesty.

Hostile to the dominant social values of the period.


13- 1 novel: The voyage out.

25-Mrs Daloway l successful modernist novel: events ina single day, develops around her feelings, reactions &

recollections of people she chances to meet.

Enphasis on subjective internal lives of the characters, not on the external events.

To the Lighthouse

Narrative technique

Experimentatios with narration, characterisation, style.

For her events were not important in themself. Important is the impression they made on the characters.

Not used the traditional omniscent narrator: innovation point of view inside the characters' mind

-Not more the chronological ordering of events, but shifting backwards & forwards in time according to the sensations

& recollections aroused in the characters by events.

2 levels of narration: -external events arranged in chronological order, -flux of thoughts


Convey through words the nature of human consciousness

Few subordinate sentences. Highly evocative & urative language which follows the random association of ideas as they come up.

Objects & events often take on a symbolic meaning.

To the Lighthouse: (autobiogrphical)

Lighthouse: symbol

Summer house in which the Ramsay stay, but they decide to go on a sailing expedition to the Lighthouse in a nearby

island. Novel divided into 3 parts. Partial return to the summer house after 10 years.

Alternation light/darkness .contracdictory aspects of life.

Sea: -l) positive situation -2) sorrowwhich has struck the family -3) ghatered all the aspects,..

partial fulfilment of the initial project.

Deep interest in the way events & people are perceived in a different way according to the point of view.


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