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When he was young, he became a supporter of French revolution; but then the war between France and England started, so he had to return into England. There he lived in close contact with nature together with his sister Dorothy

In the Preface to the second edition of the Lyrical Ballads he explained his poetry:

poetry has to speak about humble people, who lives in close touch with nature, in their every day life

poetry must have a simple language, similar to the language spoken by simple people

only poet is able to understand the message of nature and can give a response to it: he colour what he saw with his imagination, just to make more interesting nature, in order to explain it to other people

poetry isn't an immediate production, but it is the union of imagination to what he saw with his sense, in particular sight

The solitary reaper: a lady is in a field: she is binding the corn, and she sings a song. When poet is alone, he remembers this song that will stay in his hearth for ever

The rainbow Child is the father of man because he is more near to nature

Daffodils: Poet is alone in a natural landscape and he sees a non-ending line of daffodils that dance. He sees this scene, and then, in a vacant or pensive mood even his heart dances with the daffodils. Nature and human being are animated by the same spirit (pantheism)


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