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There isnít only a kind of Islam . This religion , thatís the second one in the world , with 1 billion and 200 million of believers , has so many faces as the societies in which itís professed . Here it is a glossary of key words to get oriented in this complicated world .

The Islam is one of the three monoteist religions . Literally it means submission to Allah . Itís a real code of life , based on the Koran and on the Sunna of the Prophet Muhammad . Itís a religion based on five ďpillarsĒ , real precepts that each Moslem must respect . The first is the profession of the Islamic faith (Shahada) and it declares that the only God is Allah and Mohammed is his Apostle . The second is the daily prayer (Salah) . The third is the Koranic tax (Zakah) , some due money to help people in need and to promote Allahís cause . The forth is the fast (Sawn) during Ramadam . The fifth is the pilgrimage to the Mecca .

The Koran is the holy book revealed by Allah to men . Itís at the base of the religion , the law and the tradition of Islam . Itís divided into 114 chapters called Sure , from the Arabic surah which means sequence .

The Sunna means literally tradition . Itís based on the Prophet Autority , first and supreme interpreter of Allahís word . Itís made by examples and models of behaviour to imitate for people who want to live Islam . Itís continually enriched and up to date of interpretations owing to the work of the spiritual guides such as Mullah , Ayatollah and Imam .

The Sunnites are orthodox Moslems which recognize the autority of Sunna and they are the majority .

The Sciiti are the disciples of Ali , cousin and son-in-law of Mohammed . They considered that the successor of the Prophet should be a member of his family . They consider the collaborators and the partners of the Prophet as usurpers .

Moslems are people who belong to the Islam . The Moslems are all people which feel ďsubmissedĒ to Allah , professing Islam , and practise the Islamic code of life .

The Imam is the Islamic belief , the ďinterior momentĒ of the Moslemís religion . It consists in believing in Allah the Merciful , in his Angels , in his books , in his apostles , in the future life and especially in the fact that Good and Evil come from a divine will .

The Sharia is the Islamic law based on the autority of the Koran and on the Hadìth , the ďwords and the factsĒ of the Prophet which are in the Sunna . It regulates all the aspects of the life : religious , moral , giuridical , economic behaviours and also the etiquette . Itís exactly the opposite of what happens in West where law and religion are clearly divided .

The Jihad is commonly translated with ďholy warĒ . But itís a mistake , because in the Koran there isnít the concept of holy war . Literally it means ďengagementĒ . There are 2 kind of Jihad , a bigger one and a lower one . The former is the menís engagement in improving himself , the latter , called Jihad al-qital , is the engagement of Moslems to war to defend Islam from attacks , and itís declared with a Fatwa .

The Fatwa is the juridical verdict , sort of executive sentence , for example that one declared against the writer Salman Rushdie , who wrote the ďSatanic VersesĒ offending Islam .

Taliban comes from talis which means to study , they are the students of teology of Madrase , thatís the Koranic schools .

Mullah are learned teachers of teology . Generally they shouldnít be religious leaders , because the most Moslems donít recognize to anybody the role of middleman between man and God . Differently in Afghanistan , the Mullah have exploited their role of teologists and their influence on young students to become real political leaders . Thatís the example of the Mullah Omar , leader of the Taliban and son-in-law of the sheikh Osama Bin Laden .

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