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Talking about war, we can’t forget to quote one of the most important members of the “Poets of war”: Auden.

Like his contemporaneouses, his existence is strongly caracterized by the SECOND WORLD WAR, and he gives us a great description of it in his works. In one of these (“There’s no place for us”) he expresses the difficult situation of Jews during the Nazis persecution. In the ballad he underlines that there’s no place for them, no place they can go to. He imagines to see Hitler’ s face in the sky and he says: “They must die”. There’s a sad and bitter reflection about the Jews conditions (condition he felt at first person). Everybody avoid them and loose their sense of humanity. They’re not capable of giving a hand. The reality was that If you’ ve got no passport you’ re officially dead”, these was the only hope. He feels a certain lack of freedom.


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