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JANE EYRE - Main characters

JANE EYRE Main characters JANE EYRE is the main character in the story, and when the story begins she’s 10 years old. She is sent to the care of her Aunt Mrs Reed at Gateshead Hall. She’s considered a bad girl, but it isn’t right. In [...]

V.WOOLF: (1882-1941)

V.WOOLF:   (1882-1941) Development of the novel, rejected conventions of the realistc fiction of Vict.Age  new way of expressing a different perception of reality. Influenced by her childhood & her family backgroung. Highly intellect [...]


THE COMIC EPIC NOVEL - HENRY FIELDING (1707 - 1754) Works: he wrote "Joseph Andrews" and "Tom Jones". While Defoe and Richardson tried to hide the fictional nature of their works under diaries and letters respectively, [...]

Gulliver’s travels

Gulliver’s travels 1.      Gilliver was a doctor. One day he decided to sail into a ship. But there was a terrible storm; only he was alive and arrived in a land lived by man 15 centimetres tall. They built a house f [...]

ISO – OSI Protocols

ISO – OSI Protocols In 1984, in order to allow equipment from different suppliers to be networked, the ISO (International Standard Organization) proposed a strict set of rules (protocols) covering standards for physical connections, cablin [...]


EL CLIMA     El clima de España es muy variado. En la Meseta y en la depresión del Ebro : CLIMA CONTINENTAL con amplias oscilaciones térmicas y estacionales, invernos fríos y largos, primaveras fugaces, [...]

I Relativi, I Superlativi

I Relativi Per le persone: sogg.  Who                    Oggetto.  Whom Per le cose: sia Soggetto che Oggetto: Which comp. di specific. : Whose I Superlativi Superlativi assoluti: Very, Much. Superlativi di minora [...]

Emile Zola - Germinal – Des hommes poussaient

Emile Zola Germinal – Des hommes poussaient . Mais Etienne, quittant le chemin de Vandame, débouchait sur le pavé. A droite, il apercevait Montsou qui dévalait et se perdait. En face, il avait les décombres du Voreux, le trou maudit [...]


LE ROUGE ET LE NOIR L’ AUTEUR Stendhal né en 1783 à Grenoble. Il passe l’enfance entre un père sevérè, avocat catholique, une tante detestée et un précepteur antipathique. Il frequente avec profit l’école [...]


HAUPTMANN H. hat Dramen und Novellen geschrieben. Er findet einen Weg von Naturalismus zu Symbolismus. Er bekam den Nobelpreis. Er hat nicht viel geschrieben, weil er zu einer Insel emigrieren musste. DIE WEBER (I tessitori) –pag.142- [...]


L’INDUSTRIE EN FRANCE La France est la 5ème puissance industrielle du monde. Malgré la crise au cours des années ’80, la nationalisation et la restructuration des entreprises on permis un effort considérable de productivité pour s’as [...]

The aesthetic movement, Aesthetism and Impressionism

The aesthetic movement The word aesthet takes origins from a Greek word and means “something percettible by the senses”. Aesthet is a person who “perceives with his senses”. The term was used for a person who devotes hisself to Beauty i [...]


ANTY-BALlISTIC MISSILE TrEATY The ABM Treaty was signed at Moscow May 26,1972. The US and the Soviet Union agreed that each may have only two ABM areas,so restricted and so located that they cannot provide a nationwide ABM defense. The [...]


This plot is a revenge and poetry tragedy; the language is almost new enriching by recurrent images, which show the corruption of the play. Hamlet changes his language whit the rule played at the moment. In this tragedy Shakespeare underlines h [...]


Edgar Allan Poe He’s a precursor of surreal effects with his existential anxiety. He’s the first American writer. America doesn’t like him because he was a successful man and wasted his fortune. Surrealist loved him for the absurdity [...]

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