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The invasions, The Middle Ages and the Renaissance, The Tudors, The Stuarts, Oliver Cromwell and the Restoration, The Industrial Revolution, Queen Vic

The Celts migrated to Britain from north-west Germany between 2000 and 1200 BC. The Celts were organised in tribes, lived in villages and were mainly farmers. The Romans firs came to Britain under Julius Caesar in 55 BC, but extensive rom [...]

Thomas Cook: the father of the package tour

Thomas Cook: the father of the package tour Thomas Cook was born in England in 1808. He was a wood-turner/printer and the secretary of him church in Leicester. In 1841 he organized a rail travel for the members of his church from Leicester t [...]


Chaucer Chaucer was born around the 1345. He worked as Justice of peace and clerk for the king’s works. In 1390 Chaucer retired from public life, and started writing his masterpiece: The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury Tales is an unfinis [...]

Tesina di inglese - The British system

Tesina di inglese The British system Britain is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. At one time the monarch head real power but over the centuries this power has been transferred to parliament. At first [...]

James Joyce

James Joyce Life Joyce was an Irishman, and he was born in 1882 in Dublin. He was son of John Stanislaus Joyce, that had a good job and a reasonable economic position. James’s father is a big influence in his work, thanks to his many faults [...]

The restoration

The restoration History: Charles 2: Charles 2 landed in england in 1660. He was welcomed by the people who had never accepted republican ideals. A new parliament replaced the convention parliament in 1661. Charles passed the Test act [...]


JOHN KEATS He belongs to the second generation of Romantic poets: they all died very young. They produced and published their works during all the 19th century ( Keats – Odes after 1819). The Congress marked the end of revolutions and re [...]

The Tudors and the Stuarts

The Tudors and the Stuarts Henry VII Henry VII, who came to the English throne, was the first king of the Tudor dynasty. During his reign he made the monarchy supreme. Henry’s foreign policy aimed at making England’s trading position st [...]


LORD ARTHUR - SAVILE’S CRIME Author profile: (Oscar Fingall O’Flahertie Wills Wilde). Oscar Wild was an Irish author, born in Dublin in1854 as the son of an eminent surgeon. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and at Magdalen Colleg [...]


WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR  was crowned in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1066. With the Normans feudal system was introduced ; barons and knights become very important .Thanks to William the system of rules was well organized actually he was able [...]

The Anglo-Saxons

History The tribes from Germany Angles, Saxon and Jutes invaded the Britain in the first part of the 5th century. They killing and driving out the British in habitants to Wales and cornwall. Their settlements had developed into a Heptarchy [...]


GEORGE ORWELL Vita: Born in Bengal, in the british empire. Suffered sense of anxiety over the expectations of his parents. Moved to London, Paris, Spain . contrast with his family: very rich / his interest for poor people. Was a journalist. I [...]


CHARLES DICKENS (1812/1870) He had an un happy childhood, since has father went to prison on the had to work in a factory at the age of 12. these day of sufferings inspired much of the content of his novels, he began to contribute various pa [...]

A modest proposal

Swift A modest proposal A modest proposal is the most significative Swift’s work of irony. Swift is able to say the most shoking things in the most natural way. A modest proposal was inspired by the dreadful that he found in Ireland;s [...]

Articolo indeterminativo, Articolo determinativo

Articolo indeterminativo Indefinite article a e an si usano solamente al singolare. Si usa a davanti alle parole che cominciano per consonante, ed an con quelle che cominciano per vocale. Eccezioni: Se la vocale ha il [...]


THE CANTERVILLE GHOST by Oscar Wilde AUTHOR I’m going to talk about the book that I red this summer, the title of this book is “ THE CANTERVILLE GHOST”. The author is Oscar Wilde, an Irishman who was born in Du [...]

Oscar WILDE (1854-1900)

Oscar WILDE (1854-1900) Life & main works: ·        Born in Dublin ·        Mother: literary woman ·        After grad [...]


ENGLISHNESS AND NATIONAL CULTURE Al contrario di quanto è accaduto in Italia, in cui c’è stata un’eliminazione delle tradizioni, in Inghilterra non c’è mai stata una crisi delle tradizioni nazionali, anche perché l’ [...]


THE CANTERBURY TALES THE PROLOGUE In aprile le dolci piogge, il caldo sole e il leggero vento svegliano le piante e gli animali dopo aver dormito tutto l’inverno. La natura scuote loro nella vita,. Anche gli uomini si riempiono di deside [...]


WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare wrote his sonnets using the Elizabethan form: 3 quatrains and a concessive couplet, all in linking rhyme. The principal themes og his sonnets were love, time but also beauty, daeth and friendship. Some of his [...]

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