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Prologue: July 1956 / Darlington Hall

Prologue: July 1956 / Darlington Hall Summary Stevens, the head butler at Darlington Hall in England, discusses the journey upon which he is about to embark—a journey that his employer, Mr. Farraday, has suggested Stevens take. Mr. Farraday [...]


BRITISH ECONOMY Natural resources and agriculture Britain has large deposits of coal but the historically important coal-mining industry has declined in recent years because of competition from cheaper imported coal and other forms of energy [...]

The Twilight of Classicism

The Twilight of Classicism The second half of the 18th century was a complex period in which new trends rose and developed side by side with prevalent classical ones,until the latter finally declined.New ideas and attitudes were beginning to cir [...]

TOPIC: “Young people” (GRADE VII)

TOPIC: “Young people” (GRADE VII) About young people today it would seem, at first sight, that contemporary society grants the new generation more opportunities than before enjoying more freedom, leading a busy life, being able to spend a lot [...]


OSCAR WILDE - DORIAN GRAY Oscar Fingal O 'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born in Dublin, October 16, 1854. His father William was a renowned surgeon and a versatile writer, and her mother Jane Wilde, a poet and fierce Irish nationalist. The [...]

The curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae What is a CV ?      Today if we want to get a job there are many ways but we will certainly have to prepare a CV (curriculum vitae-Latin for ‘life story’) and a cover letter that we may send through traditional mail or e-m [...]

Geoffrey Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, Microcosm and Macrocosm

Geoffrey Chaucer Chaucer were a busy middle class-man. Little is recorded about him as a man and a poet. He was born around 1343, the son of a London wine merchant. He led a vary busy life: he served three kings, Edward III, Richard II and Hen [...]


THE SENTENCE 1.      L’ordine della frase Il soggetto va posto prima del verbo, il complemento oggetto dopo. Gli avverbi sono utilizzati prima del verbo o dopo il complemento oggetto; ma nel caso del  riferime [...]


SONNET- ON HIS BLINDNESS The primary theme of the sonnet is the blindness of the poet. He became blind in the third period of his production. In the first line there is a metaphor, LIGHT, that stands for SIGHT and for LIFE. Spent has tw [...]


THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST Jack Worthing, bold man from the strangers native, alive in country together with Cecily, an eighteen year-old girl on which manages the guardianship, and with the governess of this last, Miss Prism. J [...]

William Shakespeare 's sonnets

Main characteristics of the sonnets  The first Shakespeare’s collection , called “The sonnets”was printed in 1609 and it includes 154 sonnets in the so- called “Shakespaerean” ryme- scheme : 3 quatrains and one rhyming couplet important to [...]


ELECTRIC CARS An electric car is a vehicle powered by an electric motor which runs on a system of rechargeable batteries. (These are at present of the lead-acid variety, although new types, including zinc-chlorine, sodium-sulphur and fuel c [...]


WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE   LIFE: We know little about him. He was born in Stratford‑on‑Avon in 1564, probably ori April 23. The date of his birth being unknown, it was later fixed on April 23, incidentally, the same day of his [...]

Il film “Schindler’s list”

Il film “Schindler’s list” è tratto dalla vita dell’industriale tedesco Oskar Schindler che, fino al film di Spielberg, era sconosciuto. Durante la dittatura, mostra coraggio e umanità rischiando addirittura la propria vita per salvar [...]

Jane Eyre di Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre di Charlotte Bronte The story: Summary OPENING SITUATION: The story begins with the narration of the protagonist’s childhood. In fact, Jane first appears as an orphaned child, lodged at Gateshead Hall with an [...]


WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Life The early years He was born on 23rd April 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon. His father belonged to the corporation of glovers  and his mother came of a country family of some importance. He proba [...]

Forms of business ownership - The legal organization of business

Forms of business ownership - The legal organization of business There are many types of business units in operation. The main ones are: ·        Sole trade The sole trade [ditta individuale] is the [...]

How an Ethernet Works

How an Ethernet Works 1. Ethernet is not a single product, but rather a technical  standard developed for network communications by Xeros, Dec and Intel, which the rest of the computer community have adopted. 2. All nodes, clients and s [...]


THE PLOTS OF DICKENS’ NOVEL Dickens gradually developed a more radical view of the social scene, although he did not became a revolutionary thinker, he was aware of the spiritual and material corruption of the present day reality. Dickens s [...]

Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway He was born in Illinois in 1899. He was the son of a doctor, who committed a suicide, and he spent his childhood hunting and fishing in the Great Lake region. He worked as a reporter for the “Kansas city star”. When America [...]

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