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VICTORIAN AGE This period goes from 1837 to 1901 when queen Victoria reigned. In this period there are difficult condition for the working class, so the workers group together for the first protest and demonstration. Only the people wh [...]


THE TROUBLES The period in the history of Northern Ireland which goes from 1969 to1999 is called “the troubles”. During these years 3000 people were killed and even now the Irish question is not completely solved. Until 1640 Ireland was a [...]

Tavola dei tempi

TENSE ACTIVE SIMPLE ACTIVE PROGR. PASSIVE SIMPLE PRESENT bare infinitive to be + ing to be + PP [...]


LONDON  by WILLIAM BLAKE Paraphrase I roam thought commercial streets, near the where the commercial Thames flows, I see in every face marks of feebleness and despair. I fell in every cry of fear of man and infant, in every voice an [...]


George Gordon Byron Byron was one of the poets of the second generation. The characteristics of the poets of the second generation are: ·        They are angry because the French revolution have failed [...]


CONCEPT OF TERRORISM The concept of terrorism is so many ample and contested that a definition that could be acceptable everybody has never been found to the U.N.. In a broad sense we can define terrorism all the finished actions within arm [...]

Love Poetry in the Elizabethan age

Composition 3 During the Elizabethan Age  love-poetry was widespread and surely the key love poets were Philip Sydney, Edmund Spenser and last but not least William Shakespeare. First of all the sonnet form was inc [...]

The Making of the Nation

The Making of the Nation The Celts Around 700 BC the fair- or red-haired, blue-eyed Celts began to arrive from north-west Germany. A tribal society, they were skilled at working iron and lived on fishing, hunting and agriculture. The Celts w [...]


AUSTRALIA Australia’s first people,the Aborigines,lived in the northern territory and have occupied the continent for 50,000 years. Convicts from England arrived in Australia in 1788 and called those lands New South Wales. The British s [...]


NOUNS 1.      Countable and uncountable nouns a)     se un nome è countable: -         usiamo a/an prima di esso; -    & [...]


FORMA PASSIVA Il passivo si forma con il verbo be al tempo appriopriato + il participio passato del verbo. Il passivo è usato per mettere in prima posizione la cosa più importante, che diventa soggetto della frase. Nella forma [...]

VIRGINIA WOOLF – Professions for Women

VIRGINIA WOOLF – Professions for Women “Professions for women” is the title of a lecture of 1942 by Virginia Woolf, in which she talks about the professional opportunities for women in the 20th century and, particularly, about the prof [...]

The Victorian Age

Inglese The Victorian Age The Victorian Age comprises a period of 64 years, between 1837-1901. Before the coming of Queen Victoria there were two political parties: the conservative and the liberals. The conservative  were the old Tories or th [...]

Freedom: what teens want

Freedom: what teens want This is a polemic article and treats the important theme of freedom in USA for teens. The author compares different kind of reactions of the police to the citizens’ freedom. He point out with two example [...]


THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, 16-17-18-19-20                             Chapter Sixteen Dorian rides in the hansom and thinks about where he is going: an opium den. It takes a long time, and he recalls what Harry had said to him so long ag [...]

CIVILIZATION - From coast to coast

CIVILIZATION From coast to coast United Sates The United States goes from Canada to Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. The U.S. crosses four Time Zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific); U.S.A. is a confederat [...]

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope Was born in London. Was the great rapresentative poet of the first half of the 18th century. Was essentially a public poet, writing on public themes. Pope believed in “INTELLECTUAL POETRY”; all of Pope important works was written [...]

The plot of Moll Flanders

The plot of Moll Flanders The full title of Moll Flanders gives an apt summary of the plot: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders, Etc. Moll Flanders is born to a mother who has been convicted of a felony and who is trans [...]

Sylvia Plath, La campana di vetro

Sylvia Plath, La campana di vetro Questo libro rappresenta la biografia della scrittrice Sylvia Plath, quindi tutte le azioni e tutti i pensieri sono stati condivisi dall’autrice, anch’essa morta suicida. Il romanzo inizia quando la prot [...]


Edinburgh is the political and cultural capital of the Scotland, the independent region inside of the Great Britain. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Geographically it is situated near the southern rivers of the Firth of Forth [...]

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