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Antisemitism Antisemitism was un unfair treatment of jewish people. In the past, Christian people accused jewish people of the kill of jesus Christe (deicide). The church has not inspired the anti-semitism racism but the racism has develo [...]


AVVERBI 1.      Avverbi di durata Usiamo since con il present perfect per riferirci ad un periodo di tempo non ancora terminato (I haven’t seem it since Januar). Usiamo for+periodo di tempo per riferirci a pe [...]

BRITAIN AT WAR (1914-1919)

BRITAIN AT WAR (1914-1919)   The great war caused the ruin of four empires, made possible a communist revolution in Russia and revolution in Russia and prepared the way for the rise of dictators like Mussolini and Hitler. Britain [...]


GEORGE GORDON – LORD BYRON (1788/1824) In 1809 he began a Mediterranean tour, visiting Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey he brought back from his tour the first 2 cantos of  “Child Harold Pilgrimage”. Byron became the incarnation of the [...]


TONY BLAIR AND NEW LABOUR’S LANGUAGE In 1997 the Labour Party returned to power after more than two decades of Conservative rule, establishing again its supremacy in the General Elections of 2001. Headed by Tony Blair, the New Labour [...]


Hamlet Marcellus and Barnardo had seen the ghost twice previously and due to Horatio's disbelief; Marcellus has convinced him to stand watch with them that night.  They believe that the ghost resembles the dead King Hamlet.  Aroun [...]


MEDIEVAL DRAMA   MIRACLE, MYSTERY AND MORALITY PLAYS Miracle and mystery plays In the Middle Ages religious festivities and the services were only act of worship for the believers, but opportunities for entertainment as well. During t [...]

Le preposizioni di stato in luogo nella lingua inglese

Le preposizioni di stato in luogo  nella lingua inglese Le preposizioni di luogo, come tutte le preposizioni, sono invariabili per genere e numero. In inglese non esistono preposizioni articolate e l’articolo segue la proposizione.     [...]

Grammar - tenses

PAST SIMPLE: is used to describe finished actions and event in the past or past habits and states. PAST CONTINUOS: is used to describe action in progress in the past and giving information about the back ground situation so it often use [...]


 THE LANGUAGE OF POETRY Poetry is an ancient art which was born as an oral form and was accompanied by music. Today poetry is a written form of art which appeals to the reader’s senses imagination through printed poems. In order to increas [...]

Virginia WOOLF

Virginia WOOLF Virginia Woolf wan born in London in 1882. She came from an aristocratic family, therefore from a highly educated and intellectual family environment which greatly influence her in her approaching to writing and art in general. [...]

The gothic novel

The gothic novel was a very popular genre from the 1760s until the 1820s.It has had a considerable influence on fiction since.The term “gothic” meant medieval and supernatural,that is mysterious and frightening. The typical gothic plots are set i [...]


Are you stressed, tired? Do you want to discover new places and learn about other cultures? You are reading the right brochure and perhaps it will appeal you that is written and it will be involved you in this travel. 1st DAY  SA [...]

Regno Regina Vittoria

Regno Regina Vittoria · Regno Regina Vittoria: il più lungo nella storia britannica, con notevoli cambiamenti sociali, culturali, politici, economici, industriali e scientifici ma anche gravi epidemie, crollo economico e tracollo dell’a [...]

The European Union

                      The European Union is a family of democratic European countries, that work together for peace and prosperity. Its Member States have set up common institutions to which they delegate so [...]

The Great Depression the worst economic slump in American history

The Great Depression  the worst economic slump in American history -Causes: unequal distribution of money between rich/middle-class, industry/agriculture, Usa/Europe; this imbalance of wealth created an unstable economy. But also the exte [...]


MARKETING MIX Marketing is the term used to describe the activities intended to make and attract a profitable demand for a product. There are 4 important factors involved in marketing: the product, the price, the promotion and the place. [...]

John Milton: England’s epic genius

John Milton: England’s epic genius John Milton was born in London on December 9, 1608, into a middle-class family. His education was impeccable and thorough. He was sent to St. Paul's School in London, where he began to write poetry in Latin, [...]

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller   Author : Born in 1915 in NY into a middle-class Jewish family. He lived during the great depression and he had to work in a warehouse to make money; his father was a salesman. He wrote “All my songs” and received a [...]


VERBI MODALI I verbi modali si chiamano DIFETTIVI perché mancano dei loro tempi di passato e futuro; in questo caso si usano le forme perifrastiche (be able to & have to). I verbi modali non terminano con la –s alla 3°p.s., sono seg [...]

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