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Guilt and Madness in Shakespeare

Guilt and Madness in Shakespeare. -Lady MacBeth- Several of Shakespeare’s plays explore the concept of insanity. Some of the playwright’s characters are truly mad, while others merely assume the appearance of madness. Bu [...]


ROMANTICISM 1789-1830 historical background the house of Hanoverians reigned. The most important event of this period was French revolution, which broke out in 1789, it was followed by Napoleon’s ascent. The intellectual were in fav [...]


JANE AUSTEN The 'Novel of Manners' Jane Austen contributed to what has been called as the NOVEL OF MANNERS, a kind of fiction focused on everyday routine life and events. Her novels are based on the premise that there is a vit [...]

Summary of 'Hamlet'

Summary of "Hamlet" The ghost of the death king appears to Horatio and the guards. It was wearing full armour, and seemed about to speak, but then walked off, apparently offended by Horatio’s words. Marcellus asks Horatio why Denm [...]

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist The film that we have seen some days ago was “Oliver Twist” of Roman Polanski drawn by the homonym novel of Charles Dickens.     The plot of the film that then is the history of the novel narrates of a boy of name Oliver Twi [...]


Utopia Theme: a journey to an ideal place that is free of all the imperfections that spoil contemporary society Author: Thomas More The title: utopia = nowhere. The word utopia is composed of the Greek for “no”, ou, and topos, which means [...]

The Victorian Age (1837-1901)

The Victorian Age (1837-1901) Historical Context The Victorian age usually covers in literary histories a period of time longer than the actual reign pf Queen Victoria, stretchinf from 1832 (the year of the first Reform Bill) to 1 [...]

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution increased the development of the modern society. In many countries the industry became more and more important and the new system interested particulary the the textile industry and the prod [...]


HISTORICAL BACKGROUND The successor of John Lackland was Henry III, a king extremely devoted to the Church of Rome and an instrument of the Pope against the interests of English people, that increased its hostility towards The Roman Church. [...]

Italian Political Structure

Italian Political Structure OFFICIAL NAME: Italian Republic LEGAL SYSTEM: Based on constitution of 1948 NATIONAL LEGISLATURE: Bicameral: Senate of 315 seats; Chamber of Deputies of 630 seats NATIONAL ELECTIONS: May 13th 2001; [...]

The Stuarts (1603-1714)

The Stuarts (1603-1714) In 1603 there was King Jones I of England. He was the first Stuarts King of England. When he became King he dismissed Parliament and tried to rule without it. His son Charles I shared his father’s belief in absolute [...]


  DICKENS   Dickens is probably the most representative literary figure of the whole Victorian age. He is the first truly urban novelist. Most of his novels are set in the city of London, and in them he captures the incredible v [...]

Languages bring people together

Languages bring people together. Since ancient times man has had to deal with the problem of the different languages spoken by various populations, in fact during the times of Erodoto, in the fifth century B.C., people who did not speak Gr [...]


JACK KEROUAC Jack Kerouac was born on   March 12, 1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts. As the author of the infamous novel, On the Road, Kerouac became a [...]


ROMANTIC POETRY Sotto quest’ampia definizione c’è un enorme varietà di autori e tendenze nella poesia prodotta tra il 1790 ed il 1830 che non è possibile ridurre ad un unico movimento. Non possiamo negare che tutti questi [...]


KIDNAPPED Author profile: Stevenson was born in Edinburgh as the son of Thomas Stevenson, a joint-engineer. Since his childhood Stevenson suffered from tuberculosis, inherited from his mother. In 1867 he entered Edinburgh University to [...]

Parti del discorso

Parti del discorso. - Usiamo diversi tipi di parole o parti del discorso - Cerchiamo di dare ad ogni categoria un nome in inglese. Due principali categorie di parole: Content words and Function words -    &n [...]


THE GEOGRAPHY OF BRITAIN Britain is an island situated in north of Europe. In this island, we have a changeable climate because of the differences geological. In fact, we can distinguish highland from lowland. In the highlands, which are in [...]


The romantic period poetry and the poet ************ ·         WilliamWordsworth, A certain colouring of imagination ·         Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Poetry and i [...]


JAMES JOYCE James Joyce was born in Dublin on 2 February 1882, into a Catholic lower-middle class family. His father, John Joyce, had inherited some property and for a time the family was fairly prosperous. Unfortunately, gradually he lo [...]

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