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A VISIT TO WASHINGTON Washington is the capital of the United States. It is named after George Washington, the first president. The city was built between 1790 – 1800. The government is divided into three branches: executive, legis [...]

The rise of the novel

The rise of the novel At the end of the 18th century a new literary genre started developing all over Europe: the Novel. It was a revolution whose roots were as old as the other literary genres. In fact, this new way of writing borrowed [...]


BUSINESS TRANSACTION For a business transaction , the buyer and the seller must agree an a contract of sale. The seller undertakes to supply a certain number of goods or services at on agreed quality and price and within a specified time limit. [...]


TOWER BRIDGE In 1885 the British Parliament decreed that a new bridge had to be built across the River Thames.There were architectural and structural requirement. Architecturally the bridge had to be in harmony with the nearby Norman castle, [...]


COMMENTARY: PARADISE LOST In “Paradise Lost”, John Milton creates very realistic characters  even if the story tells about a biblical  event: Satan’s fall through the Hell. This epic plot made Milton use a very rich vocabulary, full of me [...]


COMMENTARY OF  “A SUPERMARKET IN CALIFORNIA” The poem “A Supermarket in California” was written by Allen Ginsberg in 1955. In his strange layout and in his simple and trivial title lay a strong criticism toward  American society of [...]


TOWARDS SOCIAL CRITICISM At the end of the 18th century the new ideals of independence and equality created by urgent social and political problems, influenced the theories of the Enlightenment. EDMUND BURKE (1729-1797) [...]

The Gothic Novel

The Gothic Novel The end of the 18th century brought the so-called “Gothic novel” to popularity. The interest in such novels was extraordinary and common to all social classes also thanks to circulating libraries. The Gothic influence, however, [...]


CRITICAL NOTES ABOUT MILTON Milton, the greatest writer of his age, lives the turbulence of his era being involved in the English Civil War, supporting Cromwell and devoting his entire work to the cause of Puritans. His greatest work, Par [...]

George Gordon, Lord Byron

George Gordon, Lord Byron            Together with Shelley and Keats, George Gordon Byron (1788-1824) is a representative of the second generation of English romantic poets. His was the life of the Romantic par excellence, as he was an [...]


HTML is used to create a web page. It defines the page layout, fonts, graphic elements and hypertext to other documents. HTML 2.0 was defined by the IETF and it contains interactive feautures The subsequent versions of HTML added new element [...]

The tempest

The tempest Maybe the last great play written by Shakespeare. It belongs to a group of comedies called romances, complicated stories of love and adventure with a happy end. The play The tempest is set on an island discovered by Columbus. [...]


HOOK I’m going to talk about «Hook», a film directed by Spielberg in 1991. The director hasn’t based his film on a novel, or better, he wanted to brush up Barrie’s novel and propose the story of Peter Pan again: in fact he liked very much t [...]

VIRGINIA WOOLF (1882-1941)

VIRGINIA WOOLF (1882-1941) Denied education in University because of Victorian prejudices. Love for the house near the sea. Mother’s death reveals her psychological frailty (many mental collapse and attempted suicides). 1941: she committed sui [...]


MARKETING Marketing is one of the most important components of a free economy. It is manifacture, distribution and sales of good and services to final consumers. It may or may not include the use of intermediary like whole sailers or retail [...]

The new discovery of tradition

The new discovery of tradition In these last years we have noticed a diffused tendency to revalue the regional cultures and also a growth of the interest in gastronomic and folkloristic traditions. This revaluation consists in taking bac [...]

COMPOSITION: “can new technologies become oppressive of individual liberties?”

COMPOSITION: “can new technologies become oppressive of individual liberties?” I believe in technology. I think that, without some technological innovations, life would be very hard; in addition to that we must consider the fact that progr [...]

Dictionary of Computer Science

Dictionary of Computer Science abstract = virtual; many hardware and software components can be viewed as providing virtual environments for use by other components (eg abstract machines or abstract data types). accumulator: a register in [...]


ROBINSON CRUSOE AS ECONOMIC MAN A common interpretation of Crusoe is as economic man. His relationships with others are based primarily–some would say entirely–on their use for him; they are commodities who (which?) exist for his economic advan [...]

Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe   Structure of the novels   Defoe’s kind of writing is the realistic novel,  which consists in a series of episodes and adventures, narrated as if they were diaries or autobiographies, written by the protagonis [...]

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