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The Normans

History Edward the Con fessor, the King of England was half norman and half Anglo-Saxon hepromised his throne to Duke William of Normandy. Edward sent Harold Godwinsson. Who was the son of one of the most powerful Anglo-Saxon noblemen. The Earl [...]


ICE CREAM   Water ices are the ancestors of modern ice cream. They were known in the Roman Empire, and Marco Polo is supposed to have brought a recipe for milk ices from the Far East. The commercial production of milk ices became succes [...]


The origins In ancient Greece, drama was a collective and ritual phenomenon. The word “theatre” comes from the Greek verb  theàomai, means to watch. The origins of tragedy and comedy lie in the solemn chorus accompanying the sacrifices [...]


THE VERB TO BE Present tense affirmative                                                                Present tense negative         I am                             I’m                                                      I am no [...]


GENESIS AND CATASTOPHE One doctor visited a new patient, called Klara, and her child. They stayed in her room in an inn. The innkeper’s wife told the doctor, that she had arrived with her husband 3 months before. The rumour was, that the hus [...]


GULLIVER’S TRAVELS This book speaks about the story of Gulliver. Gulliver at the age of seventeen left the studies since his father, having five sons, didn’t have money to maintain him. For some time he worked with a surgeon in London and, [...]

The innovations of the new century - T. S. Eliot, The Waste Land

The innovations of the new century.   The 20th century was characterized by many innovations and new theories which led believe that the reason and the science could finally bring happiness to human beings. But when in 1914 and in 1939 [...]

Pronomi personali

Pronomi personali P.P. SOGGETTO sono sempre espressi, ed eccezione nei casi in cui frasi coordinate abbiano lo stesso soggetto o nel caso dell’imperativo [...]


JOSEPH CONRAD Nasce nel 1857 in Ucraina da genitori polacchi, che muoiono quando lui è giovane, e lui viene cresciuto da uno zio. Viene mandato a scuola a Cracovia e in Svizzera, ma il suo desiderio era andare per mare. L’inglese non [...]


EARLY ROMANTICISM Historical contest (1760-1789) George III dismissed the prime minister and tried to rule without his help. There were problems with the colonies. The inhabitants of the colonies were becoming unwilling to accept (NON V [...]

English Grammar

MODO INDICATIVO PRESENTE Present Countinuos: Viene applicato quando il soggetto sta compiendo l’azione ORA. Simple Present: È utilizzato  quando il soggetto compie l’azione abitualmente di solito, spesso. Im [...]

T.S. ELIOT 1888-1965 - The Waste Land

T.S. ELIOT 1888-1965 Harvard (M.A. degree), Paris (Symbolism), Germany (philosophy), Oxford & Cambridge (Ezra Pound, imagism). 1927: Religious conversion, conclusion of a long spiritual journey from the abyss of despair to the peace of fait [...]

Personal pronouns, The articles, Preposition

Personal pronouns I Subject personal pronouns si usano come soggetto davanti ai verbi, al posto di un nome o un sostantivo. Subject personal pronouns à I, you, He, She, It / We, You, They. I Object personal pronouns si usano come [...]


The Romantic Period What are the milestones (pietre miliari) of Romanticism? Passion Feelings Nature Man Subjectivity – everyone is different by others - The I was very important à imagine of the hero ( in Byron [...]


LIFE: He was born in London in 1788 and lived in France for a period. He was educated in Cambridge. He was a reader of classics, especially poetry; he wrote and published his first work, Hours of Idleness  that was strongly criticised. He made [...]

PRESENT PERFECT (I have seen that film)

PRESENT PERFECT  (I have seen that film)  Quando si usa Il Present Perfect viene spesso usato per un'azione che è cominciata in qualche momento nel passato e che sta ancora continuando. In pratica, si deve usare il Present Perf [...]

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe   Critical notes: Edgar Allan Poe was one of the most controversial figures of 19th century American literature. He was characterized by his psychological instability, bad temper and dissolute behaviour. He becam [...]

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet, is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. The first printed edition appeared in 1597 but there were many other publications. The play begins with a prologue. The choir tells to the spectator: audience as tw [...]


THE FORGER Author profile: I haven’t found anything about the author; he’s unknown even on the Net. There’s only his photo printed at the end of the book. First edition: This book was written by Robert O’Neill in 1974 and the first [...]


MODERNISMO E POSTMODERNISMO La fine dell’800 e l’inizio del ‘900 sono stati segnati da una profonda volontà di provocazione e di rottura con il passato, manifestata dai Modernisti. L’arte vive fra tradizione e innovazione. In [...]

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