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Dreams The poem is made up of eight lines, which are grouped in two stanzas each of four lines of different length and all begin with capital letter. The pattern of end rhymes in each stanza is the same: the second and the fourth line rhyme, [...]

“When you are old” Maud Gonne

“When you are old” This poem,dedicated to Maud Gonne, is an example of the love poetry he wrote before35 years. The composition is full of mythical imagery. The poet imagines her in front of a fire and he asks her to read a book of his life [...]


CHARLOTTE BRONTE The Bronte sisters, particularly Charlotte and Emily, rebelled against Jane Austen’s world of order and self-control. Their novels are romantic in sprit, explore extremes of passion and violence JANE EYRE [...]

American Dream

American Dream It’s the idea that trought hard work, courage and determination one can achieve prosperity. In mid 1800s the Gold Rush and then immigration from Europe where people wanted to escape from poverty (persecutions and economic [...]


MRS DALLOWAY di VIRGINIA WOOLF Mrs. Dalloway is the most important Woolf’s novel. It is a modern novel because she wants to express the inner world of characters. The protagonist is Clarissa Dalloway, a wife of Richard Dalloway, a Member of Pa [...]

From ‘Politics and the English Language’ by George Orwell

From ‘Politics and the English Language’ by George Orwell Orwell didn't have the most positive view of the future and politics. In this extract of his essay “Politics and the English language”, he examines writing in English, diagn [...]

La Tigre

La Tigre Tigre! Tigre! Divampante fulgore Nelle foreste della notte, Quale fu l'immortale mano o occhio Che ebbe la forza di formare La tua agghiacciante simmetria? In quale abissi o in quali cieli Accese il fuoco dei tuoi occhi? Sopra [...]


INTERNET The internet started in the 60s, when the American Defence Department wanted an extremely safe way of sending messages in case of nuclear attack. From the 1960s to the 1990s the Internet was used primarily by the Defence Depar [...]

Pre Celtic

History The Iberians arrived in the British Isles about 300.000 years ago. In about 3000 BC these people started using stone as a building material. Neolitic farmers first built henges and chambered tombs made of huge stones. Language N [...]

The Celts

History A first wave the Celts tribes originally from Central Europe arrived in Britain after 700 BC. The Goidels were strong fearless warriors and conquered an extensive part of Europe. A second wave they invaded Britain in the 4th century, th [...]

Macbeth – William Shakespeare

Macbeth – William Shakespeare This play is a very complicated war tragedy. It talks about vehement men and crimes. Macbeth is a middle ages Scottish noble. One day, coming back from a battle in which he earned king’s grace, he met three [...]


THE VICTORIAN AGE    1837-1901 THE HISTORICAL CONTEXT                             QUEEN VICTORIA:  she ascended the throne in 1837. her young age and her inexperience facilitated the establishment of a constitutional monarchy with the gover [...]

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo  and Juliet One day two Capulet’s servant met two Montague’s servant: they start fight. Later arrive old Capulet and his wife and old Montague and his wife and they joined in the fight. Fortunaly arrive Prince Escalus the rappresentant of [...]

I racconti di Canterbury

I racconti di Canterbury La vita di Geoffrey Chaucer Geoffrey Chaucer è spesso chiamato “il padre della poesia inglese”, il primo grande scrittore inglese. Naque a Londra nel 1340 circa, figlio di John Chaucer, un importante merca [...]


THIS/THESE si usa per indicare pers. Anima a noi. THAT/THOSE si usa per indicare PERSONE. Animali o cose che si trovano lontano da noi. SOME nelle frasi affermative con sost plur. ANY nelle frasi negative o int. con sostantivi plurali. [...]

The education in the Victorian age

Inglese                       “The education in the Victorian age” During the first part of Queen Victorian’s reign, only the rich and the aristocrats were able to send their sons to exclusive private schools the boys were sent to famous [...]


       Awe . Mystery . Grandeur . Fascination . Fear . Unreachability . Unknowability . Ancien . Ancien . and even more ancient . !! If you have ever been Stonehenge, you may have felt these feelings. It’s thought that the name ”St [...]

William Blake

William Blake was born in London in 1757, and he got little formal education. Blake had visions which helped him escape from the squalid reality around him; he also used to talk to God or to great  figures of the past like Dante or Milton. In 17 [...]

The Irish Conflict in Northern Ireland

The Irish Conflict in Northern Ireland Until 1921 Ireland was a single political unit governed as a colony of Britain. In 1921 Ireland was partitioned into the Irish Free State and Northern Ireland. In 1949 the Republic of Ireland was pr [...]

Verbo ausiliare essere: forme affermative, negative ed interrogative

Verbo ausiliare essere: forme affermative, negative ed interrogative Auxiliary verb to be affirmative form negative form interrogative form I am (*I’m) - io sono you are (you’re [...]

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